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Why using the Daily Peach earth-friendly re-usable face pads is good for our planet

by | Aug 12, 2021

To adapt our lifestyles to become more sustainable and to help slow down global warming, innovations and products like Daily Peach are crucial to making simple switches that together add up to make a big difference.  What started as a passion project has developed into a community that believes in building a circular economy. Its focus is on reducing waste in the cosmetics sector and teaching creative skills to those seeking employment.

Founder Courtney Patrick says, “Little things excite us, especially those that make a big difference to our environment. The reusable pads replace both cotton rounds for toning and for applying product and are fantastic cleansing aids.

Why did you start Daily Peach?

I was initially making the reusable face pads just for myself to help reduce the waste in my bathroom. When I showed them to a friend she encouraged me to start Daily Peach.

Tell us about the face pads? Do you add a toner? Or do you just sell the pads?

We sell the pads without any product as I believe that people need to pick a product that addresses their specific skin concerns. Wet wipes are seen as a catchall but depending on the ingredients used can be overly harsh, drying or aggravating for some skin types.

Who makes the product? And where are they based?

We are an all-women team. I am office-based and the rest of the team crochet from their homes in Mandela Park, Hout Bay. I collect the completed pads from them, wash, dry and then stitch on the labels. Once this is done they’re packaged and shipped to our online or retail customers.

What sustainability practices do you implement?

We try to be as zero waste as possible. Our shipping tape is paper and we collect shipping boxes from friends and family which we either use as is or cut to fit orders. We’ve found the perfect case pack is an adjusted wine box.

From where do you source the natural materials used for the pads?

We purchase the yarn ready-dyed from a Winelands-based manufacturer that sources the cotton and bamboo thread, dyes it and bundles it into a ball that crochet. Our packaging is printed and produced in Johannesburg, the tape is from Epping and stickers are printed in Maitland.

In some cases the process to convert bamboo to its softest state (rayon fiber) uses and releases toxic chemicals that are environmental hazards. Please comment.

For the moment we use bamboo but we are investigating alternatives. There are promising options but sourcing ready-dyed and locally-produced is difficult. For the moment we are happy with the reduction in water usage, lack of pesticides and other benefits associated with bamboo and are looking for more clarity from our supplier on the actual production as they purchase the undyed threads. The dream would be that we are manufacturing and dying our own yarns in the near future.


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