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The Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards, the first of their kind in South Africa, celebrate local fashion designers, and support and communicate best fashion practices to help change the industry. The winners of the 2020 edition were announced in November.

Guided by skilled cobblers Matsidiso ethically crafts modern accessories

It’s often said that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but accessory brand Matsidiso was born from breaking this rule. Co-founder Jinae Heyns knew that her mother-in-law’s shoe factory had potential for a new life, after operating for more than two decades. The...

The student becomes the teacher: Katekani Moreku shows the way with his slow fashion

In South African indigenous cultures, the surrounding land and resources become part of the people. With a metaphysical connection to the natural world, it is no surprise that Mpumalanga-born Katekani Moreku would bring his culture and surroundings to bear in his...
2020 Awards

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