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Lelive is a beauty brand on a mission to care for people and the planet

by | Aug 4, 2021

Earlier this year, actress and model, Amanda Du Pont released her skincare brand Lelive. Lelive (pronounced leh-lee-veh) is Amanda’s unofficial Swazi name that means ‘of the nation or world’. Building a strong community; and listening and working with people to create the best possible products is the brand’s goal.

Throughout the pandemic, Amanda has shared wellness tips on her Instagram. “We soon realised there was a need for skincare that was clean, effective and affordable,” she says. This inspired her to launch Lelive, which currently has a collection of seven products, ranging from cleansers to treatments, designed for a diversity of skin types and concerns. The product range is produced in South Africa and uses mostly natural local ingredients, sourced from the rich and diverse plant life in Africa. Although the products are inspired by global skincare developments, the collection is grounded in African ingredients.

It was incredibly important for us to create a range that reflected who we are and where we’re from, and to celebrate ingredients that our ancestors have been using in skincare for hundreds of years, and to reinvent them for the modern consumer.

Lelive is on a mission to care for both your skin and minimise its impact on the planet by using ingredients which are up to 95% natural and responsibly-sourced. The brand is vegan, cruelty-free and reef safe. The clean, simple packaging isn’t just pretty: using aluminium, the packaging is potentially recyclable and the brand avoids plastic wherever possible.

“We try to be conscious of every step we take, and to consider our community, and our impact on the planet with everything we do,” Amanda (who is pictured on a horse below) says. Sustainability is important to Lelive because, “we only have one planet so we all need to play our part in taking care of it”. The brand takes many steps towards making a positive impact on our planet and our community and hopes other brands will follow.

Amanda’s love for skincare and beauty was inspired by her mother. As a pageant queen, her mother often wore beautiful garments accompanied with elegant makeup looks. “I used to watch prepare for events and marvel at her beauty and quick easy beauty/make-up routine.”  She say, “I couldn’t wait to grow up and have my turn.”

Amanda’s favourite products from Lelive’s range are the moisturisers, which are named after her. “From the start, I completely fell in love with them and knew that they would become bestsellers because they were truly on par with some of the most expensive and well-known brands internationally that I’ve also used over the years” she says.

While Lelive is still in its infancy, it has grown a large support base, and has gained 30 000 followers on Instagram in five months. Going forward, Amanda says, “We hope to become the number one African skincare brand, not just in Africa, but worldwide”.

Lelive products can be bought online on their website.

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