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Kafui Awoonor: 3 Tips for staying sane and serene during lockdown

by | Apr 10, 2020

Growing up, the Ghanain-born yoga instructor, and natural beauty and wellness expert Kafui Awoonor watched her grandmother mix shea butters and concoct natural oils to keep the family’s skin healthy and happy the natural way.

Fast-forward and Kafui, raised in Amsterdam and now living in Cape Town, has developed a brand of natural hair and skin care products called Kafui Naturals that are void of harsh chemicals and preservatives. These are created mindfully and carefully: they are mostly vegan, cruelty free and acknowledge the beauty needs of women – specifically black South African women.

Kafui runs a yoga studio, Holding Space, born out of the need to create an inclusive space with a different approach to the mainstream wellness spaces around Cape Town. All instructors at Holding Space are people of colour which Kafui points out is very rare in the Mother City.

“As a person of colour, I have been part of the yoga community for 10 years and at Holding Space, I wanted to create a space that is reflective of a society where the majority of people are of colour. A space where people of all shapes and sizes can feel well and feel safe. And I wanted to make it accessible, price-wise,” Kafui says.

This week on a Twyg Instagram Live session Kafui shared advice on how to keep sane and serene during the second half of lockdown. We asked her about natural beauty routines that we can start practicing now.

“Today I don’t want to do yoga, I don’t really want to move. I just want to crawl into bed with a book because the weather also affects my mood, and that’s ok!” says Kafui.

With moods changing from minute to minute, it is difficult to avoid being enveloped by an overwhelming cloud of dread. Kafui offers top tips to keep your soul garden fresh and to keep connected during a time of disconnect.

Stay healthy

Make sure you maintain a healthy immune system and emotional state, whether that means getting enough rest or sleep, or avoiding listening to, watching, or reading things that are emotionally aggravating. Kafui adds a fun tip: organise a games night via zoom with your friends.


Try to move a little bit everyday. Walk up and down a flight of stairs while you listen to music or a podcast. Do yoga combined with conscious breathing. Kafui is offering her yoga classes online (pre-recorded and live streamed). Keep an eye out on Holding Space’s facebook page for weekly schedules and booking information. 


In these times we are wanting to help others but finding it difficult to ask for help for ourselves. Kafui recommends that if you are not doing ok, challenge yourself to message, call, or reach out to someone close to you and let them know you need some care and love. Check in with your friends and family. Whether via phone or zoom call, stay connected with your community.

Kafui Naturals’ products are currently available online at Faithful To Nature (during COVID-19 lockdown too) and soon they will be available at The Watershed, V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. 

Images: from @KafuiAwoonar Instagram 

Facebook: Holding Space and Kafuinaturals

Instagram: @kafuinaturals and @holdingspacect.

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