Our Workshop refashions gently worn clothes from Vintage with Love

by | Aug 23, 2021

For the last couple of months, the Our Workshop team has been stitching together a collaborative refashioning project. Our Workshop was an obvious fit for Vintage with Love which needs a solution for donated second-hand clothes that are slightly too worn for resale.

This special Our Workshop collection involved a few bags of slightly damaged clothes, and hours of labour and laughs. Walter Buchholz, lecturer at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, inspired and upskilled the team with a workshop on refashioning and stitching. Our Workshop team went on to embroider, refashion, patch and rework the garments that are now for sale. Our Workshop will receive 80% of the proceeds.

The garments are now for sale at Vintage with Love from Room 301 The Harrington on Tuesdays from 10am – 12pm and Thursdays from 3pm – 5pm in Cape Town.

Each piece is unique and has been reworked by an artisan, artist or designer applying individual skills and stories.

The culturally diverse group of artists and artisans at Our Workshop in Langa make new things from “waste materials”. This self-sustaining, free and supportive collaborative workspace provides economic and creative stability through learning, skills development and honesty. The members work together on projects both commissioned and self-initiated, while also working independently to develop their crafts and art forms.

Anele Nono (@Jeanuisplatform) customises and embroiders denim jackets. Sizwe Shumane makes recycled plastic sculptures and keyboard rings and other accessories while Luvuyo Mpoza uses Tetrapak and leather scraps to make insulation sheets, wall coverings and blankets. Others sew clothes or make wire sculptures, upcycled heart pendants, paint and make furniture.

“We want this to be about racial integration as well as spending time together,” says founding member Heath Nash. “It’s about sharing our resources and skills. Our Workshop acts as a tool library too, because not everyone has a drill.”

Vintage with Love collects clothing, shoes and accessories which are then sold at vintage fashion pop up sales and online. All the proceeds will be donated to literacy charities.

  • With special thanks to Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Senior fashion lecturer Walter Buccholz who conducted a visible mending workshop, and printed the garment labels for the collection of upcycled and refashioned clothes. And thanks to Twyg for acting as dating service between Our Workshop and Vintage with Love.
  • Images by Ella Petousis and Jackie May 


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