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How founder of a natural beauty brand, Mosa Skosana, treads on Earth

by | Jul 15, 2020

Just a few years ago, Mosa Skosana stepped out of the corporate world as a group marketing communications manager to learn about the history and science of soap ingredients. The thirty-three year old’s goal was to create a business with a focus on conscious, ethical and natural skincare, and the well-being of the customer. Learning about natural skincare made her realise the importance of scrutinising daily skincare products and their ingredients.

Operating under the moniker Khween Shebar after the biblical seeker of truth, wisdom and bearer of gifts, the Queen of Sheba, Mosa has a little soap studio in Harrismith in the Free State and in Sandton, Johannesburg.  Her best-sellers include her Tumeric Soap and Koosh Kream loved for their anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and moisturising properties.

After having tried and tested Khween Shebar’s skin delights, we caught up with Mosa who gave us a peek at several of her personal eco-friendly tips to living a sustainable lifestyle.

Beauty brand

I use my organic cold process soaps and the hempseed oil-based hydrating Koosh Kream. These products are so versatile they can be used for your face, hair growth and to support or heal any dry or sensitive skin conditions. The products are plastic-free and the Koosh Kream glass jars are reusable. The tumeric soap is packaged in 100% hand recycled flower seed paper that grows into flowers when planted into soil!



I have become way more aware of trimming down my meat consumption and only consume organic, free range meat when I cook at home. I do this for my own health and also because I don’t want to buy from farms that confine animals and inject them with chemicals.

Buy local

I try to buy vegetables and oils from local markets in Johannesburg or from fruit and vegetable shops outside of my normal supermarket run.


I believe in buying good quality clothes that you can be proud of for a long time. I have improved my habits over time and continue to give away more and more of my stuff. I am attracted to a minimalist lifestyle to simplify my life and ensure that I don’t continue to purchase things I won’t use or enjoy in order to reduce wastefulness.


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Image credit: Mosa Mokhema in Accra by Edward Opeimu @viaopeimu (Ghanaian photographer)

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