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Beauty Spot: Twyg’s Top 3 Beauty Picks This Month

by | Jul 29, 2019

This month Bekah Vogel has tried and tested three beauty products which contain mostly natural ingredients and are plastic free. By featuring these products, we hope to promote better beauty care, both for you and for the planet. We don’t expect brands to have achieved 100% sustainability, but we must believe that they are making efforts.

Please let us know what natural, clean beauty products you love. Here are the products Bekah is loving this month.

Skin Creamery

Created in 2014 by Hannah Rubin, Skin Creamery focuses on natural ingredients and simple living. Working closely with a cosmetic chemist, Rubin first formulated Everyday Moisturizer,  which has gone on to become the brand’s flagship product. The Skin Creamery range is small, featuring five core products – an everyday moisturizer, a cleanser, a cleansing powder, a facial tonic and an oil. These skincare items are sold in either glass or ceramic packaging with refills for the moisturizer and cleanser available for purchase on their website.

Loving: Facial cleansing powder

I have a combination skin that’s prone to breakouts so mud or clay-based products have a stable home in my bathroom cabinet. Finding the right mask for your face can be tricky as some clay masks leave your skin feeling very dry and powdery. This 100% hypoallergenic cleansing powder which doubles as a weekly mask treatment, left my skin feeling fresh, oil free but also hydrated. The bentonite clay, rich in calcium, is the key ingredient that absorbs excess oils without drying your skin.  The addition of baobab fruit powder, high in collagen and vitamin C, as well as buchu – an indigenous plant that’s also an anti-bacterial agent –  gives you a well-rounded clean. It smells delightful, leaving your skin feeling fresh with a slight tingle. It has a fine, almost velveteen texture, and mixes easily with whichever liquid you choose to activate it. It’s very effective at stripping makeup, and cleaned off the most stubborn of lip stains with only two passes. Be careful not to inhale the very fine powder or get it into your eyes.  The small opening and wide body of the bottle means that dispensing the product can get tricky and you may end up with more than you need and as a result inhaling a small cloud of very fine powder particles that won’t be fantastic for your lungs.
Price: R310 / 60g
Packaging: ceramic and cork
For more information see here. 


Lush has long been leading the party when it comes to packaging-free and plastic-free products. Having already earned the badges of being 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free, ethically-sourced and handmade, their latest skincare range has taken their progress a step further with a new plastic- and packaging-free range.
Their Naked Skincare range has zero-packaging and zero need for it either, as the products are self-preserving (without using any parabens), giving them a massively increased shelf-life for stores, and for when you take them home.

Loving: Light Touch Naked Facial Oil

This solid little bar has changed my view on facial oils. Sometimes I feel like the skincare game focusses their heavy skin oils on lighter and dryer complexions, leaving those of us with darker and oiler skin feeling left out.That is no longer the case, my skincare loving friends! The clever combination of toning and oil products places this bar right in the centre of a balanced routine. The oils used are so like those naturally produced by my skin that they absorbed quickly, with none of the visible slickness or shine one expects from skin oils. I found that the oil easily melted when warmed between my fingertips, and left my skin feeling smooth but pleasantly dry. It sits well under makeup and didn’t react with, oxidize or melt the foundation products I tested it with. The scent is barely there but still pleasant when you do catch it, with touches of lavender and chamomile, so I would say this is suitable for those who don’t like an overwhelming scent sitting on their skin all day. The one negative aspect is the shape and size. I have long nails and fairly big hands, but I found myself unsure of how to hold the bar without my nails digging into it, and the tapering ends have lead me to drop it once or twice, perhaps the addition of a small wooden handle -think popsicle stick style- would make use and application slightly easier.
Price: R186 /80g
Packaging: none
For more information see here.

Earth and Root Botanicals

Earth and Root Botanicals is Wanga Hanyani’s brainchild, a herbal alchemist based in the Eastern Cape. Earth and Root came about after her friends and family showed interest in her home made holistic and natural skincare products but found the idea of scavenging for and compiling the ingredients themselves daunting. With her knowledge of indigenous herbs and plants, Hayani wants to shine a light on a lifestyle centred around holistic living. Her growing range aims to address all aspects of wellbeing and healthy living, from skincare to diet.

Loving: Herbal Facial Steam for Problem Skin

I am a big lover of skin steams. They’re a great way to gently open the pores on your face and neck, allowing for the removal of impurities and the warmth increases blood flow encouraging your skin to absorb the oils it needs with greater ease. I love this steam blend because it is made up entirely of dried botanicals such as lavender, calendula, witch hazel and thyme. I found that problem areas of my skin were much less inflamed after regular use, and the steaming left my skin feeling very plump and hydrated, even after a full day in the harsh winter sun.
One great feature of this steam blend is that you can use the leftover water as a facial rinse once it has cooled completely – the botanicals steep a load of beneficial oils into the water. The steam blend is also compostable, so you can dispose of it in an ethical and safe way if you are so inclined. A downside is that if you have any type of epilepsy or are prone to seizures or convulsions, I would steer clear, or at the very least approach with caution, due to the nature of facial steaming. Your face will be red or at the very least flushed for 10 minutes after use and it’s not a quick process, so you need to put aside at least 15 to 20 minutes of your day in order to get the full benefits of your steam.
Price: R150 /50g
Packaging: Paper, metal wire, cellulose

For more information see here.

Image credits: Product images by Bekah Vogel and feature image Unsplash 

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