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Beauty Spot: Our monthly beauty review

by | Nov 26, 2018

Beauty Spot is our monthly column about natural, clean beauty in which we only feature products that we have tried and tested ourselves. We want to support natural, clean beauty products that are on the market as we believe they are better for the planet and for our bodies. Please let us know what beauty products you love to use. We are especially keen on the local beauty industry. Here are the three products we’re loving this month.

Back 2 Nature

With a fairly small range, this brand is having a big impact. It currently makes some of the basics (face wash, moisturisers, toner), toothpaste and surf zinc. The products are handmade in small batches, in Cape Town. Ingredients used are sustainably sourced from their indigenous countries of origin, they are natural, mostly organic, contain no chemicals and have not been tested on animals. And very importantly to us, they use NO plastic!

Product we love: surf zinc

With three children and a fear of skin cancer, I’ve had an on-going and difficult search to find a product that sticks to skin for the number of hours my offspring spend in the sea and sun. Well, I think I’ve found what works for their faces, especially their noses. This little tub of zinc includes organic coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, carrot seed oil. According to the website, it’s a non-nano zinc-based sun shield (non-nano means it can’t be absorbed through the skin into your bloodstream). “The combination of natural minerals, oils and waxes nourish and protect your skin whilst exposed to the sun and effectively reflect out harmful UVA & UVB rays.” I can attest to the fact that it’s water resistant. It’s quite difficult to apply at first, but once it softens with the warmth of your finger, it becomes easier to spread across your face. On both black and white skin it leaves a vague dull and greyish tint. This shouldn’t worry you, since you’re going into the ocean not onto the red carpet.

Price: R225 for 50ml

More information visit Back 2 Nature


Lush products are 100% vegetarian, anti-cruelty, about 85% vegan and handmade. Of the packaged products, most of the packaging is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR), recyclable and biodegradable materials. Labels are made so they can go straight into the recycling system. Because 40% of the product is naked, 40% of the products are without preservatives. Rowena Bird, one of the founders, says, “Unpackaged stuff doesn’t need preservatives because there is no water content”.

Product we love: shampoo soap bar

A few months ago, I made an Ocean Pledge to never buy shampoo in a plastic bottle again. This is one of the steps I’ve made towards reducing my personal carbon footprint. The first chance I got to try a shampoo bar, was when Lush sent me one (Seanik Shampoo Bar) to try. It’s a bright-blue round bar. It contains solid seaweed, sea salt and lemon, and a few safe synthetics. It’s really easy to use. I apply it to my hair in the same way that I use soap on my body – I run it across my head. It lathers easily and rinses off as easily. According to the Lush website, one bar gives you 80-100 washes (depending on hair shape, thickness and length). This might sound silly, but using this shampoo bar has been life changing. No more plastic shampoo bottles to recycle. It feels like I’ve lightened a load of my shoulders…

Price: R115 for a 55g bar

More information see the local Lush website.

Wild Olive | African Artisans

Marioara de la Tara and her team make eco-conscious products inspired by African botanicals and traditional beauty remedies. They create perfumes, butters, creams, soaps, shampoos, serums, moustache waxes, balms, and exfoliators. When I visited the factory and shop earlier this year, the team was packing and dispatching beautifully packaged products, focusing on swift and accurate delivery. There isn’t a hint of disinfectant or toxic chemical. Instead, a delightful and natural fragrance permeates throughout the building. Wild Olive products are 100% biodegradable. Maria says, “After washing with any of our products, you can use the water for your vegetable garden. We respect the water our products might end up in, and we respect the life in that water. This is our number one priority when we formulate products.”

Product we love: eye and lip balm

I’ve had a little tub of this balm for months. Maria recommended that I use it on a big scar on my arm. The first thing to say is that the scar hasn’t disappeared, but it has softened and no longer looks angry and as obvious as it did a few months ago. The thing about this balm is that it still smells amazing. It is made with organic waxes, oils and extracts. After months of use, the natural fragrance hasn’t disappeared. It’s lovely to use on your face. The waxy balm first melts into an oil before being absorbed easily by the skin. It contains olive oil, rosehip, neroli, carrot seed and a few other healing and regenerative properties. It’s great luxe gift.

Price R750.00 for 15g

For more information see Wild Olive

Image credits: Main picture by  Richard Jaimes/Unsplash 


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