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12 Gift ideas for sustainable lovers

by | Feb 9, 2024

Valentine’s Day – a day characterised by rampant consumerism – most often counters our sustainability mission by encouraging the exchange of unnecessary items as expressions of affection. A pessimistic, but valid, outlook. However, there is beauty in a tradition that in its essence honours love. Embracing love and care is imperative for body and land. How we express our love for a friend, partner, family member, stranger can be communicated through various love languages. For many, the gesture of gift-giving communicates sentiments that words alone cannot.

In this spirit of expressing love through gift-giving, how can we show care for both our loved ones and the environment? We have compiled a gift guide for sustainable lovers to help navigate these consumerist months, and your general gift-giving, more consciously. We have grouped local gift ideas under Candles, Chocolate, Flowers, Jewellery, Lingerie, Perfume and Soaps.



Rekindle Co

Rekindle Co create aesthetic candles with ethically-sourced mineral wax from Durban. Their ceramic candle-holders are handmade in Cape Town and they use natural essential oils for fragrance. Rekindle Co candles are made local and smell local. Their signature range is inspired by and named after familiar places – shop Beta Beach, Cedarburg and more. See more here.


Originating from the Free State, Stockperd is an interior design studio that make luxury scented candles. Their candles are deliciously fragranced with essential oils and made using soy wax – an eco-friendly and longer-lasting candle wax. See more here. 



Honest Chocolate

Chocolate is the way to a loved one’s heart and this small artisanal chocolate bar has the best in town. Based in Cape Town, Honest Chocolate handcraft their product locally, using old school methods and organic ingredients. Shop their gift boxes online or go to their cafe on Wale Street for the full chocolate experience. See more here.



The Adderley Street Flower Market

Nestled in Trafalgar Place, The Adderley Street Flower Market is famous in Cape Town. Having existed for over 150 years, the market is intrinsic to the city’s culture and history. From proteas to tulips, The Adderley Street Flower Market colours this little alleyway with flowers for everyday and for special days.



Almost Forgotten, Never Told

Almost Forgotten, Never Told is a jewellery brand handmade in Cape Town. Made with natural silk, their luxury wish bracelets are the perfect dainty gift for a lover or a friend. Almost Forgotten, Never Told can be shopped online. See more here. 


AuTerra celebrates a sustainable and artisanal approach to jewellery making by transforming e-waste into beautiful accessories. Their designs are minimalist yet timeless, making jewellery that you can cherish forever. AuTerra design both feminine and masculine jewellery. See more here.

Xita Designs

Based in Botswana, Xita Designs creates one-of-a-kind items by hand. Founder One Rapelana is inspired to help women feel empowered while wearing her handmade designs. Xita Designs makes an excellent present for the bold wearer. See more here.



Nette Rose

Nette Rose creates intimates with love at their little studio in Cape Town. Adorned with intricate floral patterns, their lingerie is sexy and sweet. Look out for Nette Rose’s wide selection of intimates handmade from bamboo – a fabric alternative that has a lower carbon footprint than cotton. See more here. 

The Woodstock Laundry

Since 1979, The Woodstock Laundry has been an institution dedicated to handcrafting slow clothing for quality and comfort. They sell snazzy patterned boxers and briefs, made from organic cotton. An extra hot suggestion for couples: look at their matching pajama sets as a gift for yourself and your partner. See more here. 




Apartment is one of South Africa’s few local perfumeries, producing their products by hand in Johannesburg. Apartment offers five different Eau de Parfums and one Eau de Toilette, made with alcohol and IFRA compliant perfume compounds. These perfumes are long-lasting, enticing, and entirely unisex. Each scent is a concept that can be interpreted differently based on the wearer’s experience. See more here.



Khween Shebar

Khween Shebar promote responsible skincare with their cold-pressed natural soaps. Khween Shebar was founded by Mosa Skosana, who was inspired by studying about the history and science of natural skincare. This all-natural soap brand, made with shea butter, hempseed oil, and olive oil, makes the ideal eco-conscious present. See more here. 


O’live skincare is made from 100% natural ingredients including locally-sourced olive oil, unrefined shea butter from Ghana, and indigenous oils. Founded by husband and wife team, Sipho and Zikhona Tefu, O’live handcraft natural soaps, serums and oils at affordable prices. See more here. 


  • Images: Supplied and feature image (Nette Rose) 
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