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Masego Morgan on her conscious lifestyle choices

by | Jun 16, 2020

Masego Morgan has been talking about sustainable fashion and ethical practices long before most of us had added the word “sustainable” to our vocabulary. She uses Instagram as a platform to talk about issues of race, ethics and sustainability. It’s also where she shares her vintage wardrobe finds. Earlier this year, Masego and Stella Hertantyo launched their blog, cnsc_ which has an inclusive approach to sustainable life and style.

One of Twyg’s favourite ethical and sustainable fashion influencers, Masego shares her conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle choices.


Since watching The True Cost film in 2015 I’ve been more conscious about my clothes. I mainly thrift and swap to get new-to-me clothes into my wardrobe.  I also buy from local brands which I see as an investment.

There are so many brands creating clothing consciously that I love. Currently, I find myself looking at Postimperial, Kemi Telford, Asata Maisé, Sindiso KhumaloBettina Bakdal and Rave Review.

I mend a lot of my clothes since thrifted items sometimes come with holes or missing buttons. I also rework them to create new items that suit my style better. For inspiration I listen to Naked Beauty by Brooke DeVard, PreLove Podcast by Emily Stochl and Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press. Here are a few of the many people who inspire me: Dominique Drakeford, Emi Ito, Aja Barber, Celine Seeman, Whitney McGuire and Madara Freidmane.


My brother is vegan so we mainly eat plant-based at home and over the years I’ve cut back on meat. He volunteers at a local urban farm so we buy most of our produce from there or other family-owned grocery stores. My favourite places to eat out are Timbuktu, an Ethiopian restaurant, and Prashad Café which both offer great vegan and vegetarian food. To cut back on food waste, we make vegetable stock from all our scraps which we then compost.

Cleaning Products

We use natural cleaning products, my father buys them in bulk and then we reuse old cleaning product containers.

In the Garden

We have our own vegetable garden and my parents are big on growing indigenous plants. As I mentioned before we compost which is handy when we’re sowing seeds. I’ve been propagating and growing avocado, basil, mint and spring onions. I find it pretty easy because all they need is water and natural light.


I have a car, but I’ve been carpooling and planning my days so that I don’t have to travel much. I used to catch the train to school when I was younger and I was late to class almost every day. Since I now have the option to drive, I opt for it.

Grooming and beauty routine

I mainly use natural ingredients and oils which come in glass containers. I use a safety razor for shaving, bar shampoo and deodorant. My conditioner is a natural conditioner that comes in a plastic bottle but since I have curly hair not many zero-waste stores stock products that are for my hair texture.

I don’t really wear makeup but my favourite skincare brand is Lola & Co.

Water Wise

My family decided that our pool would become one of our water tanks, the water in it is used to flush toilets and water the garden. We also use all our grey water to water the garden. We have a solar heater for water, but otherwise, we just make sure to switch off lights and plugs that aren’t in use.

Dealing with Waste

We compost, recycle and eco-brick. Some waste still goes to the landfills, but most of it is diverted. We make sure to wash everything that goes into the recycling bin and check what can and can’t be recycled by our recyclers so that we don’t wish-cycle (putting something in the recycling because you hope it’s recyclable is called ‘wish-cycling’).

Community Projects

I love going to The Beach Co-op’s New Moon Cleanups when possible, it’s such a blessing to see all the sea creatures!

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