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by | Jul 8, 2020

Plastics have transformed the way we live. From medicine, to computers, to travel, to communications, this chemical discovery has pushed us into the modern world. However, the very thing that was produced to make life cheaper and easier is now costing us in ways beyond what most of us could have ever imagined.

A compelling one and a half hour feature documentary, THE STORY OF PLASTIC, explores the history of plastic and how, in less than a century, it went from being the so-called ‘miracle material’ to one of the biggest environmental catastrophes the world has ever faced. It’s a problem that cannot be solved by clean-ups.

The documentary sheds light on how plastic is manufactured and the harmful toxics released during the process and where and how it is marketed. There is no sign that plastic production is slowing down, the opposite is happening. Get ready to be taken on a disturbing journey from trash dumps that span thousands of square kilometres in South-East Asia, to the billion dollar multinational petro-chemical corporations that create them in the West.

THE STORY OF PLASTIC is a well-researched, clear, eye-opening guide of the plastic supply chain told through the eyes and experiences of journalists, environmentalists, and activists around the world.

We might not be able to live without plastic, so how do we learn to live with it?

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Additional reporting by Nobanzi Anita Sokhuthu

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