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THE STORY OF PLASTIC, a new feature documentary has been described as the best and clearest guide through the plastic supply chain.

In collaboration with The Beach Co-op and Biru, we are hosting the screening and a post-screening event with the Two Oceans Aquarium.

We have 75 tickets for the virtual screening.

THE STORY OF PLASTIC exposes the environmental, climate, justice, and health impacts of the plastic industry. It depicts a global plastic crisis beyond anything most of us have imagined, and reveals how our perceptions of it have been manipulated. The plastics industry is producing more single-use plastic than ever before, and is working to increase production drastically.

What the critics say:

“[It’s] The Most Important Documentary of the Year,” raved Indie NYC’s Helen Highly. “You will not be the same person after you watch it; it will change your world view and your private life (but in a good way).”

“It is the best and clearest guide through the plastic supply chain I’ve seen yet,” wrote Quartz’s Zoë Schlanger, “which also means it’s the best tool to understand the full lifecycle of a material we touch and use every day.”


Once you’re booked your ticket, you will receive a link to stream the film on 13 July, three days ahead of our planned post-screening discussion.

The link will be delivered to you at the email address you use to RSVP.

You will receive a separate Zoom link, in the same email for the post-screening webinar hosted by Two Oceans Aquarium at 11 am on Thursday, 16 July 2020.

Watch the trailer

THE STORY OF PLASTIC by The Story Of Stuff Project and by the Discovery Channel is directed by Deia Schlosberg; produced by Kyle Cadotte, Megan Ponder and Stiv Wilson; co-executive producers, Dianna Cohen, Jackson Browne, and Seven McDonald; Executive Produced by Stiv Wilson, Coralie Charriol-Paul & Dennis Paul, and Michael O’Heaney.

Our work is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 12, which aims to ensure sustainable consumption and production. Read More