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Shop guilt free in Cape Town

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You’ve travelled as lightly and responsibly as you can. Now you want to shop. We understand. So we’ve curated a sustainable shopping experience that will take you to the very best of locally and ethically produced fashion and design. We promise you can shop guilt free. Enjoy a full day of shopping with a Cape Town insider.

What to expect

This fabulous full-day sustainable shopping tour in Cape Town is far more than just retail therapy. We know that traveling, in general, isn’t the most eco-friendly activity, so being mindful of how you spend your money is important. In fact, well spent it can make an enormous difference to your carbon footprint, and to people’s lives.

There is no need for you to worry about background checks. We’ve done this for you. We will show you clothing, accessories and design which are produced locally, ethically and sustainably.

We’ve got aesthetics top of mind. Quality and beauty are not compromised. Finding the combination of sustainability and aesthetics isn’t always easy, but we’ve done it. Promise. In fact, we’ll be showing you some of the best of South African design and innovation. Since Capetonians have lived through an extreme drought, there is a thriving community of environmentally conscious creatives. We’ve found the brands and studios producing beautiful things of quality while taking people and the planet into consideration.

We’ll tailor the shopping experience based on your personal tastes, and a personal fashion and design insider will guide you around Cape Town. It will be a fun-filled day of discovering the hidden gems made with love and care.

Fashion, handcrafted jewellery and design

  • Visit Design Afrika, which designs, markets and promotes finely crafted hand-woven basketry and fabrics in an ethical and sustainable manner.
  • Visit Pichulik’s studio where a small group of artisans create internationally-recognised jewellery, and which now produces an ethical and sustainable clothing range.
  • Meet our sustainable fashion designers such as Jota-Kena, Jane Sews, Sitting Pretty SA and ImprintZA. We’ll take you to studios to meet the makers.
  • Visit The Biscuit Mill in Woodstock where you can find locally produced crafts.

Pre-loved Clothing

  • Cape Town has a growing number of boutiques selling quality pre-worn items. Buying pre-worn clothes extend their lives, keeping them out of landfills. A favourite, Afraid of Mice, on Long Street, is often featured in local fashion magazines. From there, you take a slow walk along to discover other boutiques stocking beautiful pre-worn clothes.

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Photo credits: Main picture is of a Maxhosa by Laduma design (African Fashion International) and second picture is from Pichulik.

Our work is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 12, which aims to ensure sustainable consumption and production. Read More