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#WhoMadeMyBag: Meet Margret Munemo maker of ONEOFEACH’s African-inspired bags

by | Apr 19, 2022

This is the second in a five-part #WhoMadeMyClothes series that centres and celebrates the people who make our clothing for this year’s #FashionRevolutionWeek

“My parents were both talented with their hands,” says Margret Munemo. “I think that’s where my interest in hand-crafted work comes from,” Margret’s father, Joseph Munemo, is a renowned second-generation artist and sculptor and her late mother, Sheila, worked as a tailor and baker. “I used to help my father out with small tasks here and there. It wasn’t much, but I loved watching him and being a part of the process; it was very inspiring,” Margret says. It is no surprise, then, that Margret now works for ONEOFEACH which was founded by the mother and daughter design duo, Tamburai and Pauline Chirume and which embraces sustainable and considered design.

Born and raised during the tumultuous 80s in Harare, Zimbabwe, Margret found solace in making art. As she grew older, her interest grew, and after she completed school she went on to pursue a certification in Applied Arts and Design at Harare Polytechnic. Later she studied banking and finance at the Women’s University in Africa but due to Zimbabwe’s political turmoil, and the currency change to the US dollar, Margret put her studies on hold to find work.

In 2009, Margret moved to South Africa where she worked odd jobs and in 2015 Margret started working at ONEOFEACH as a personal assistant. Slowly, she worked her way up and was taken under the wing of head designer, Pauline Chirume. “I owe these last seven years to her. She taught me everything I know. She inspires my work every day.”

In their small production team of four, Margret is now the Operations and Production Manager. When orders come in or when a new product is designed by Pauline, Margret is responsible for the cutting and preparations before the actual production begins.

“Sometimes products do not come out as we expect, and we have to redo them until we get it right,” she says, “It’s a challenging and frustrating process.” When the product is finally finished, Margret loves seeing the entire process come together and then seeing other people enjoying the piece.

In 2019, ONEOFEACH launched a training programme with Colours of a Kind for women from disadvantaged communities. Margret is one of the facilitators for this programme.  The “Learn, Make, Sew” programme seeks to train women in both craft and business so that they will be equipped with the skills they need for entering the workforce. Over the past three years, they have trained 80 women as well as assisted with job placement.

Margret is a single mother to her 21-year-old daughter. She still has a long way to go in her career and is looking forward to being a part of ONEOFEACH’s growth so she can pass down her knowledge to others. “It’s so inspiring being able to pass down the skills I’ve been so fortunate to acquire,” says Margret.

  • Images supplied by Margret Munemo
  • To learn more about ONEOFEACH, take a look at their website.
  • This article is the second article in a five-part #WhoMadeMyClothes series that aims to centre and celebrate the makers behind our clothing during Fashion Revolution month. To learn more about Fashion Revolution, click here.
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