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PUMA x P.A.M. creatively connects fashion lovers with climate challenges

by | Dec 13, 2022

A collaboration between the cult Australian-based brand Perks and Mini, and German sportswear brand PUMA engages, connects, and supports the environment. Specifically, it is creating awareness about the DEEP BioData Platform, a biodiversity technology project.

The first of four collections, AW22 BIO/VERSE, offers comfortable and functional clothing for the outdoors with styles typical of streetwear fashion. “We wanted to make clothes that are comfortable for a seamless transition between the city and the wild, linking both of them,” says P.A.M’s Misha Hollenbach.

But more than a fashion collaboration, BIO/VERSE is a space for creative and ecological discovery “where we can explore cultural narratives while innovating for real-world environmental impact,” say DEEP’s Clea Irving and James Deutsher.

To this end, sounds of the Amazon Rainforest recorded via real-time, remote, cloud-based audio sensors were remixed by the Swedish producer VARG2™  into a “Jungle Sonics” soundtrack. London creative director Ben Ditto created a meta-environment for Thaiboy Digital and Milari Barker to perform within.

DEEP is using a biodiversity mapping system to monitor and conserve the biodiversity of the Jurua River region of the Western Brazilian Amazon. Live transmissions of activity and data collected help prevent illegal activities, such as poaching and logging, and helps local and global scientific communities preserve the biodiversity of the region’s beautiful and vulnerable ecosystems.

Loved for its bold, psychedelic designs and carefree approach, P.A.M. is a multidisciplinary brand that sees clothes as a medium for a message, a souvenir of a project, a concept, a way of being and feeling. Established in 2000 by Misha and Shauna Toohey, they draw on natural landscapes, science and technology, music, art and nightlife for design inspiration. “We want to amplify an idea of joy, of community and connection, and a respect for our environment,” Misha says about collaborating with PUMA.

“In this project, we have been able to use the huge power, funds, and infrastructure of PUMA and steer this stream into a channel much deeper and stronger, towards an idea that is much larger than we could tackle just with PAM. The impact we can have with this collaboration is more effective and immediate than through an independent system. We are so happy that PUMA has agreed to support this project,” says Misha.

In addition to the environmental projects attached to this collaboration, the collection is made from at least 20% recycled materials. Featuring 20 designs, from cargo pants to bucket hats, with rich purples, greens and coppers dominating the colour palette. The designs also take specific inspiration from a native South American plant, Yareta. The influence of the blobby green plant can be seen in the psychedelic, retro patterns across the collection.

Bringing together design, sport and ecology, the AW22 BIO/VERSE collection presents an opportunity to creatively reimagine the way we work with climate challenges. The BIO/VERSE will continue its commitment with new action for each of its collections.


Thaiboy Digital (@thaiboygoon)
Milari Baker (@milaribarker)

VARG2TM (@varg2tm)

BIO/VERSE architect
DEEP (@deep.energies)

DEEP Impact Partners
Instituto Jurua (@institutojurua)
Rainforest Connection (@rainforestcx)

Ben Ditto (@ben_ditto)

Hendrik Schneider (@hendrik.schneider)

Hayden Martin (@_hayden_martin_)

  • The collection is now available globally in store as well as online on both Puma and P.A.M.’s sites
  • This article is sponsored by PUMA
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