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Do you know what “biodegradable”, “compostable” and “organic” mean?

by | Dec 15, 2020

Do you know what the differences are between the terms “biodegradable’, “compostable” and “organic” are, and what they mean for packaging? These terms are generally thought to be universally good for the planet. Yet, they simply describe a material’s property, not necessarily an automatic environmental benefit. Many think that just because something is capable of biodegrading or being recycled, that it will also have an opportunity to do so, which is not always the case. There is also a lot of misinformation that exists about whether biodegradable and compostable materials can be made of plastic.

This series of webinars, created by the PET recycling company, PETCO in partnership with the Moss Group, explores and unpacks new types of packaging which is perceived by many to be the silver bullet to end plastic pollution. But is it? Are there any unintended risks to the existing recycling value chains that we need to be aware of? And what labelling is required for consumers to be aware and part of the solution?

Session 1: Biodegradability and Compostability: The Basics

Speakers: Sally-Anne Kasner, Circular Vision and Rob van Hille, The Moss Group



Session 2: The realities of compostable packaging – looking at the bigger picture

Speaker: Melanie Ludwig, ZTL Organics, Panel with Rob van Hille, The Moss Group and Nick De Beer, Fortis X


Session 3: What does this new type of biodegradable and compostable packaging mean for consumers?

Speakers: Chandru Wadhwani, Extrupet and Propet, Emma Algotsson, Compostable Packaging Association and Sam Smout, GreenCape


This series was created by PETCO, in partnership with the Moss Group.

Feature image by Agenlaku Indonesia via Unsplash

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