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Talking Rubbish: How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without trash

by | Feb 12, 2019

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I am all for celebrating love, sure, but I prefer to do that without mindless consumerism and unnecessary waste. I’ll give cheesy store-bought Valentine’s goodies a miss: they usually end up in the trash anyway. I prefer to replace them with upcycled home-made cards, breakfast in bed or a picnic under the stars. If a gift is on your radar this Valentine’s Day, here are a few last-minute local options that are better for the planet:

Eco-friendly Lubricant

Oske is a relatively new natural lubricant on the market. It is water-based, completely edible and ph-balanced. It is also cruelty-free, vegan and comes in recyclable packaging.

Potted Plants

Store-bought cut flowers, wrapped in plastic are a no-go. Rather opt for a potted botanical gift that will last far longer from a store such as Plantify, which offers nationwide delivery in South Africa. This Valentine’s Day they have quirky ceramic message pops to add to a plant pot.

Locally-made Lingerie

Takkleberry is a women-owned South African brand that believes in providing affordable, locally made and beautiful underwear. Takkleberry promises fast and free delivery when spending over R350 – plus all of their products come packaged in a re-usable underwear bag.

Botanical Perfumes

Natural perfumes are becoming increasingly popular. Botanical Buddha is “a range of nature-inspired body, bath and perfume products for the contemplative mind.” Their natural perfume is inexpensive and can be bought in some bespoke stores and online from Faithful-to-nature. Rain Africa also sells a range of perfumes made by their highly-skilled perfumers who travelled around Africa to source environmentally-sustainable raw materials from micro suppliers.

Zero Waste Treats  

Forget branded and conventionally packaged sweets and head to a zero-waste or bulk store (like Food Lovers Market) with a jar to fill. Soaring Free Superfoods also sells refined-sugar-free raw chocolate packaged in compostable and recyclable packaging. Their 6-chocolate-gift-box could be the perfect delicious treat.

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