Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother

by | May 10, 2020

Twyg invited six sustainable designers to share photos of their mothers and to tell us what their mothers have meant to them. Here are their beautiful “pick-me-up” responses:

Katekani Moreku

Slow fashion designer and winner of the Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards 2019 Student Award, Katekani Moreku says:

“My mother [Evah Moreku] has always been the core influence of my overall perception of life. She has been a symbol of strength, endurance and a true reflection of a real-life superhero in my life. She is most definitely the inspiration behind my craft. For as long as I can remember I’ve always seen her sitting on the living room sofa showing off her crochet skills, there’s no question that she was meant to be my mother.”

Dean Pozniak – Simon and Mary

Owner and manager of Simon and Mary, the environmentally-conscious heritage milliner, Dean says:

“My dearest mother [Robynne] and myself from when I was a small human. It’s impossible for me to write in a short paragraph what my mother means to me. Like a unicorn, she’s a unique human, the most open-minded kugel I know. She has taught me a lot throughout my life and has always welcomed all the craziness I brought to her life. My support base, my biggest fan and my greatest teacher (literally, she’s a teacher). Wouldn’t have it any other way! Plus, I got my height from her side of the family!”

Tamburai Chirume: ONEOFEACH

Tamburai co-founded luxury leather and African print brand, ONE OF EACH with her mother, Pauline Chirume says:

“This picture was taken in 1990 in Lisbon Portugal. My mum had gone to source fabrics (she must have been in her early 30’s) and I went with her. My mom has always been a pioneer and a disruptor and this inspires me to fulfil my purpose in life despite any challenge I might face.”

Clive Rundle

The renowned South African designer who won the Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards 2019 Nicholas Coutts Award for his artisanal craft technique and skill says:

“My mom [Janice Rundle] is still a mother to her three children and this continued support and love and commitment helps keep me, my brother, my sister and father still learning about what it is to be in the love of a mother and to be the love of a mother.”

Dorcas Mutombo: Emelia D Clothing

Third year Elizabeth Galloway Design Academy student and finalist of the Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards 2019, Dorcas Mutombo says:

“We all say: ‘we are blessings to our parents,’ but I say my mother [Charlotte Kaniki] is my blessing. When conceived I was a high-risk pregnancy baby, and before she even met me, she chose to give birth to me. I exist and I am what I am today because of her love, patience, and lessons. I thank God for my mother!”

Natalie and Kim Ellis: The Joinery

Founding sisters of sustainable product design brand, The Joinery: “We managed to find these of myself Natalie and Kim as well as of our mother Miranda Ellis looking super stylish back then.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, step-mothers, foster mothers, guardians, carers – everyone else caring for others!

  • Feature image is of Katekani and his mother


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