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Confections x Collections

Confections x Collections

From the 16th to the 20th of November 2022, set in the heart of Cape Town curated by Twyg and presented by the Mount Nelson, the inaugural Confections x Collections showcased five South African fashion brands working in sustainable luxury – Thebe Magugu, Sindiso Khumalo, VIVIERS Studio, MAXHOSA AFRICA, and MMUSOMAXWELL. This curation of designers speaks to the current golden age of slow, considered South African design. Aside from their visual mastery and star appeal, their considered slow, high-quality, trans-seasonal, and ethical production makes these contemporary designers remarkable. Their collective body of work is a celebration of South African culture and heritage expressed through fashion. Take a peek into the Confections x Collections world in order of the five days – starting with Thebe Magugu and ending with MMUSOMAXWELL.

“My designs are encyclopaedic – they ensure that my culture and heritage never get lost. The collection is imbued with stories from the past, the present and a prediction or proposal for the future.”

Thebe Magugu

While these pioneering designers have gained international acclaim, the series of afternoon teas gave local admirers and international guests a chance to marvel at contemporary African fashion.

“We attempt to redefine luxury by offering an intimate fashion experience that forms the building blocks of our garments: hands-on, artisanal, collectable concept items. VIVIERS hopes to be creating the heirlooms of the future.”

Lezanne Viviers of VIVIERS Studio

The afternoon teas had a salon-style charm with guests enjoying a variety of delicacies while fashion collections were showcased by models who weaved through the tables with seamless grace, choreographed to a complimentary soundtrack.

“Each garment tells a story about Africa, women and female empowerment.”

Sindiso Khumalo

Beyond being a visually and sonically immersive fashion experience, guests savoured signature, bespoke pastries, and cocktails inspired by each designer’s favourite flavour profiles and design flair.

“What fascinates me the most is not that we dress the celebrities but that we dress the ordinary people across cultures in South Africa.”

Laduma Ngxokolo of MAXHOSA AFRICA told the Mail & Guardian

The afternoon teas offered a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the clothing and inner worlds of coveted designers. Engaging with fashion in an intimate, personal way and developing emotional connections with fashion – especially those created and conceptualised locally –  speaks to fashion’s power to foster community connection.

“We wish for the world to know that African fashion is not one dimensional. There are numerous voices and even though they are different, they are all authentically African.”

Maxwell Boko and Mmuso Potsane of MMUSOMAXWELL

This series of events is a powerful salve to the disconnection between maker, designer and consumer which has developed with the extractive fast fashion industry. We are calling for something new – a slow, sustainable and ethical fashion eco-system and a thriving textile industry that reflects Africa’s cultures.


Fashion by Thebe Magugu,  VIVIERS Studio, Sindiso Khumalo, MAXHOSA AFRICA, and MMUSOMAXWELL.

Photographed by Armand Dicker, Andile Phewa, and Mikayla McClean

Produced by Ky Bxshxff, Tandekile Mkize, and Anthony Hinrichsen

Casting by Anthony Hinrichsen

Makeup by Raine Tauber

Hair by Suzaan Haasbroek

Hats from The Real Crystal Birch

Assisted by Ty Graham, Thapelo Mofokeng, and Holly Kane 


In order of appearance

Cover image: Thebe Magugu by Armand Dicker

Thebe Magugu

1: Mikayla McClean

2: Armand Dicker

3 + 4: Mikayla McClean (left and right)


1: Mikayla McClean

2: Armand Dicker

3: Armand Dicker

4 + 5: Mikayla McClean (left) and Armand Dicker (right)

Sindiso Khumalo

1: Andile Phewa

2 + 3: Armand Dicker (left and right)

4 + 5: Armand Dicker (left and right)


1: Andile Phewa

2: Andile Phewa

3 + 4: Mikayla McClean (left and right)

5: Armand Dicker


1 + 2: Mikayla McClean (left and right)

3: Armand Dicker

4 + 5: Mikayla McClean (left and right)

6: Armand Dicker


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