Together for tomorrow


Langa Fix Week

Fix! Make! Upcycle! How many of you throw away broken things before you try to mend them? In this age of environmental crisis, we need to downscale our consumerist habits. Learning to make and fix is a sure way of doing this. Launched on the eve of Black Friday, Langa Fix is a series of workshops to help you learn these skills.  Instead of throwing them away, take your broken shoes, bags, clothes, blankets, chairs to Our Workshop in Langa and learn to fix them.

This is a MAKE SMTHNG Week initiative to challenge current consumer culture.  This global movement invites you – instead of going shopping – to spend quality time with friends, family and, in this case, the Our Workshop community. Our Workshop is a communal space in Langa where people teach each other new skills and fun, creative and beautiful ways to make the most of the resources around us: “by sharing, repairing, making and doing it ourselves we transform old things into something new and awesome. Together, we can step out of our wasteful overconsumption and give our beautiful Earth a break!”

Where: Guga S’thebe Cultural Centre, Washington Street, Langa

When: Friday 23 November – Friday 30 November 2018

See below for event details.

Our work is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 12, which aims to ensure sustainable consumption and production. Read More