Twyg is a South African brand encouraging a modern, eco-conscious and forward-thinking lifestyle. We inspire with stories about fashion, food and places that don’t harm the planet nor people. We can no longer ignore climate change, nor can we pretend that we are not to blame. Twyg wants to be part of the solution by telling stories that inspire lightening our tread.

Besides telling stories, we create bespoke experiences and campaigns in collaboration with like-minded brands and organisations that inspire people to make sustainable and ethical lifestyle choices. The Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards were launched in July 2019.

NPC registration number:

2019 / 056796 / 08


Founder and editor: Jackie May

Jackie has been working in big and medium-sized mainstream media organisations for more than 20 years. When she left her day job in mid 2017, she launched Twyg. At the core of the stories she publishes on her platform is a commitment to exploring ways we can live well now while ensuring a better future. When she’s not producing content for her site, she’s freelancing for newspapers and magazines. She is a graduate of Stellenbosch University, University of South Africa and University of London. She is currently studying sustainable development at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch. Jackie is based in Cape Town.


Photographer: Bekah Vogel

Bekah Vogel was found outside the Dora Nginza Public Hospital in Port Elizabeth and became one of the first children of colour to be legally adopted by a white family in South Africa. She picked up a camera at the age of 10 and has been taking photos ever since.  Bekah lived in ShenYang, China, for two years during which time felt a sense of urgency with regards to sustainable living. She has worked as the head creative contributor for Romanian advertising agency, MASProduction and currently creates content for brands such as Queen B Spritzers, MyBru App, and RoyalJuice.


Writer: Luanne Slingerland

Luanne studied fashion design and technology. She fell into public relations by accident a few years later. Still a lover of fashion and all things beautiful, in 2018 she embarked on a journey to learn more about sustainable fashion and the challenges local designers and brands face when trying to produce an eco and ethical fashion range. During the day, she heads up the PR department at a Cape Town based advertising agency.


Writer: Sarah Robyn Farrell

Sarah is the creative director and founder of transparenCI, a creative agency that specialises in sustainability communications and works with ethical and responsible brands. Sarah is passionate about reducing her waste, and believes in the power of sustainability through collective action. In her spare time, Sarah is a writer and folk musician, writing songs that she hopes will catalyse environmental and social change.


Writer: Emma Jones-Phillipson

After completing a masters in Public Policy and Development at the London School of Economics and witnessing the consumer excess of the ‘First World’, Emma returned to South Africa determined to counter casual throwaway culture and embrace living with care, conscience and conservation at heart. Raised by the needle and thread, and trained in ‘buying to last’, Emma now maintains an almost exclusively second-hand, vintage or locally produced capsule wardrobe and household. By day she works as an Environmental and Climate Change Consultant for C4 EcoSolutions, designing adaptation interventions for global climate finance projects.