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9 Fashion brands making winter-warming mohair jerseys

by | May 19, 2021

Ahead of the two cold fronts expected to roll across South Africa over the next few days, we have made a selection of mohair jumpers to keep you warm. Mohair, the fleece of the Angora goat, is a sustainable animal fibre, both light-weight and strong, responds well to dyes and is virtually non-flammable. Currently,

  • South Africa produces approximately 50% of the world’s mohair
  • Approximately 90% of the world’s mohair is imported and processed in South Africa
  • Around 92% of mohair tops are exported. [Tops are the continuous strands of mohair that have been combed to achieve a soft texture while spinning is used to convert the mohair tops into yarn suitable for knitting or weaving.]

Most of South Africa’s Angora goats are farmed in the Karoo area of the Eastern Cape. Camila Gillman of the South Africa Mohair Cluster says, “Mohair is ideally suited for winter, due to its long fibre length and its ability to trap more air it creates a layer of insulation, keeping the wearer super comfortable.  It also makes for a great investment as a result of its fibre strength and abrasion resistance – delivering terrific durability…. If the care instructions are followed, mohair garments are very easy to maintain with anti-soiling and crinkle resistance properties. Given that mohair is also a naturally renewable resource, and that South Africa is the global leader of mohair production – for those wishing to make purchasing decisions with a good conscience – it’s an ideal choice.”

We have compiled a list of brands making knitwear while contributing to job creation and that are conscious of what happens to mother Earth. Each product is delicately designed with love and care and made from the finest natural fibres.


An economic upliftment fashion label based in Cape Town, producing beautiful hand crafted mohair products, using locally sourced mohair and dyed with environmentally friendly dyes. Chommies garments are made to hug you during the harsh winter season. Their fashion forward gender-neutral jerseys and cardigans come in one-size-fits-all.



A contemporary, menswear clothing brand based in Cape Town, FIELDS explores clothes that soothe soul, reflect artistic expression and can be comfortably worn outdoors. FIELDS collections are high quality and crafted using natural fibres sourced throughout Southern Africa.

  • Price: R3500 – R4900
  • Website:


African Renaissance Designs

A cultural brand inspired by Southern Africa tribes and aesthetics, African Renaissance Designs is a high-end knitwear brand which uses mohair as its signature fibre and and vibrant colours to tell African stories. The Durban-based brand offers luxury fashion garments that are fit for the office environment, ceremonial celebrations and downtime while showing a deep respect for African heritage.


The Seen Collective

A group of elderly women hand knit jumpers and cardigans using luxury, locally-sourced, hand-dyed and handspun mohair. They produce soft, quality knitwear, made from a blend of kid mohair with merino wool and minimal amount of polyester to prevent shedding.


La Mohair

The women-driven Port Elizabeth-based brand started from a passion to create hand knitted, fluffy, and mohair garments. La Mohair uses locally sourced natural fibres that offer the finest quality garments that are lightweight, crease resistant and versatile.


Miss Knitwear

The Miss Knitwear collection offers a combination of the best of old-world aesthetic with the luxurious softness of high quality knitwear. Each style is knitted in local factories and finished by hand in Candice’s studio. The collection symbolises beauty and comfort and offers softness and elegance.

Wrapt Knitwear

This Joburg-based brand turns natural yarn into beautiful fashionable knitwear using sustainable fibres like merino wool, mohair, cotton and linen. Wrapt offers a variety of styles for both men and women and suits both a modern or vintage style.


Nomvula’s Knitters

Started in 2008 to create jobs, Nomvula’s Knitters now creates quality, soft and comfortable knitwear.  Each Nomvula Knitter’s garment honours the knitter who made it. Made from locally sourced mohair and other fibres, the knitwear is stitched with love and enthusiasm.


Judith Atelier

Judith Atelier’s I Am Because We Are collection uses a blend of mohair and cotton to create timeless feminine pieces. The collection is underpinned by the spirit of the common good – the belief that a person is a person through other persons. Abundance, togetherness and meaning form the bedrock of this collection.


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