Two new collections of jewellery, one released recently by SMITH Jewellery and the other by PICHULIK, speak to summer days and happiness, both feature seashells and refer to memories of the sea. At a time when there is a strong focus on the health of the ocean, SMITH Jewellery’s ode to the sea, the Shoreline collection, inspires “the wearer to connect with the ocean everyday, while also bringing awareness to the fragility of this natural wonder.” Perhaps the collections are a reminder too of our responsibility to take care of this expanse of water which does much to feed life on earth. Covering 70% of the planet, the ocean produces about 70% of the oxygen we breathe. While not all the new pieces in the Pichulik collection, Joy!, are relate to the ocean, many do.


Katherine-Mary Pichulik says her new collection Joy! is a nostalgic reference to a time in childhood when collecting things and making stories was a way of creating our own magical world. Katherine’s says Joy! is a reflection of when a girl is transitioning into adulthood, before the expectations of womanhood taint this magical time. She remembers it as a time when she was immersed in nature “just making things”. Joy! is about “seashells, myths and magic through your 11-year-old self”.  Katherine has created a playful mix of seemingly unrelated materials, mixing glass beads, shells, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and wood. PICHULIK’s jewellery is created for women, by women and the company only outsources to women crafters to promote job creation in communities around Cape Town.

Memory Abalone Earrings: R980

Shell Dancer Earrings: R1880

Memory Coral Earrings: R980

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SMITH Jewellery

A new collection, called Shoreline, from SMITH Jewellery, has been in the making for over four years. Founder and creative director, Anna Raimondo, has dreamt of her ode to the ocean in silver and gold since her honeymoon when she took daily walks on the beach and swims in the Thai Pacific. This time spent along the sea “conjured up images of silver-dipped starfish, seaweed drenched in gold and sand-textured sea urchins”. Ann’s images have been given physical shape in this latest collection. The daughter of an environmental consultant, Anna has taken details of shells and seaweeds collected in Cape Town and etched them by hand into the sterling silver and 22 carot gold-plated neck-pieces, rings and earrings. Anna’s favourite piece is the choker in rippled seaweed. “It’s very simple, but has the power to elevate any outfit.” Anna hand makes her jewellery using ethically sourced white and yellow gold, sterling silver and platinum as well as semi-precious stones.

Gilt Shell Studs

Silver Periwinkle

Gilt Twisted Seaweed

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Images: Supplied (PICHULIK images taken by Alix-Rose Cowie; Model: Isioma Sayrah; Hair and Make-up: Amori Birch; Clothes: Pichulik by Nadya)