In our efforts to reduce the negative impact of fashion,ย Twyg would like to establish what sustainable practices South African fashion designers are implementing and how we can grow the movement of responsible fashion production and consumerism.

This survey will help us identify the strengths and weakness of our industry. Sustainability is a complex subject, and it is difficult to define the extent of efforts in creating sustainable fashion. But armed with accurate research and your honest opinions, we can create useful tools and look for information that can be relevant for you, your business and your consumers. Twyg has partnered with the South African Clothing and Textile Workers Union (SACTWU), Fashion Revolution and SA Fashion Week.

SACTWU creates awareness and provides the correct information about ethical working conditions in the clothing and textile industry. Through SACTWU we can connect fashion designers to manufacturers, however big or small. As the global leaders in creating change in the fashion industry, FASHION REVOLUTION is perfectly positioned to be our knowledge partners. Our local point of contact is Cyril Naicker, an active voice on the business side of fashion and the Cape Town representative for Fashion Revolution South Africa. SA FASHION WEEK is our fashion development partner.ย The South African Fashion Week is the driving force behind structuring, strengthening and growing a consciousness of the enormous socio-economic value of a vibrant South African fashion design culture.

To help you improve your sustainable practice, we need information and we need you to complete the survey.


Image: Pina Messina/Unsplash